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PSA: Don’t download programs to your Android phone that say they’re Super Mario Run. They’re fake

Recently Super Mario Run just came out for the iPhone and it’s left Android users looking for the game. Here’s the thing, it only came out for iPhone with no garantee┬áthat it’s coming to Android. But that’s given hackers an opening and have been putting out fake APK’s and other downloads that claim to be the game. Do a simple google search and it’s one of the top suggestions.

A website claiming to have the APK to download. It's fake though and most likely malware.

A website claiming to have the APK to download. It’s fake though and most likely malware.

So if you come across a site that claims that it has the Super Mario Run APK, don’t buy into it. It’s just a scam and if you have already downloaded it and found out it was fake, you might want to download Malwarebytes for your phone and come into the service center. Most likely you will need to wipe your phone and restore using a backup which they can assist you with. But if they are not available, you might need to see if google has a backup and revert to it.

Hopefully, this will be a warning before you download a fake APK and can prevent a world of hassle for you and your phone.