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Bobbing For Credentials: What An Suspicious Email Could Mean

Let’s play a little situation out here today. So you’re getting ready for the day and you decide to check your email. Then you see something that catches your eye. “IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR UW STUDENTS!!!” It reads, so you open it because it’s in bold and begging for your attention. It reads something along the lines of your account has a problem with it and you need to sign in to fix the error. There’s a link highlighted in blue, you click on it and it brings you to a sign in page that looks 100% identical to any old UWYO sign in page. But you notice that the URL in the search bar doesn’t look right at all. There’s no .edu in it at all. It looks like a garbled mess of characters and symbols. But you figure this is a special occasion right? So you enter your credentials just like normal but to your surprise, you get a 404 error or something similar to it.

You’ve become a victim of what is called a Phishing email. That basically means that your account credentials have been stolen. Luckily for you, our UWIT Security Team has put some safe guards in place to know when someone is logging in that isn’t you. But that doesn’t guarantee the safety of your account. So if this happens to you and even if you’re not sure if you gave your credentials out or not, Call the Help Desk anyways at 307-766-4357 option 1 and we can help you protect your account and make sure it’s safe!


Malware: You Don’t Wanna Catch Em’ All

sad chu Pikachu doesn’t like finding malware on his computer…

Malware, it’s all over the internet and has grown rapidly recently. Something that seems so easy to avoid is still finding it’s way on a lot of computers recently. Why is that? Because a lot of installations have become VERY sneak y with the tactics they implore. Also, it depends on what your downloading and from who. This is where you need to use your best judgement and if you get a funny feeling about a site, Don’t risk it.

One method they like to use is while you’re trying to install some innocent program that is legitimately not malware, in the installation screen it will have multiple check boxes that are auto check them. So you click  through and before you know it, you have random pop-up boxes on your home screen and your computer begins to move PAINFULLY slow. It’s a very dirty trick, but can be avoided if you simply pay attention to everything in the install process.

But let’s say you do accidentally install some malware. luckily there is a very nice and effective program out there called Malwarebytes. It’s a free program that clears out any and all malware on your system. It may ask you to pay for the premium but I wouldn’t. You can use it unlimited times and all the paid version does is it stays up to date automatically and runs daily scans in the background.

Hopefully this helps everyone out there stay a little safer and avoid traps like these! Have a great day everyone!

Nasa’s picture of the day and your wallpaper

50 Years of the European Southern Observatory...'Editorial Use Only : Mandatory credit 'ESO/T. Preibisch' Mandatory Credit: Photo by ESO/T. Preibisch / Rex Features (1893081r) ESO


Now I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like Nasa’s photos of the day. They’re usually fantastic and astonishigly beautiful. Now wouldn’t it be cool if every day your background changed when they posted their photo of the day to that picture? Well these days you can! I’ll show you how on Android and iOS!

First, for both you’ll want to install an app called IFTTT. Sound familiar? For those of you who read my How to automate your car series will remember this app fondly. Now this is where the two don’t match up. In IFTTT you can save a recipe for android here that automatically sets it. As for iOS you’ll want to go here so it automatically saves it to your camera roll and from there, you will either need to manually set it yourself, or find an app that has access to your photos and settings and can do that for you.

Well there you go! You now can have your phone’s background set to Nasa’s picture of the day everyday no problem!

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3D Printing at UWIT.

One of the cooler services we offer here at the University of Wyoming is 3D Printing. “But how does it all work?” You ask. To put it simply, you plug in a flashdrive that has a .obj, .thing or a .stl and the person who’s running the machine will configure all the proper settings. A more in depth guide to how this all works and how to get it set up can be found here! You can easily request this service online here.

A few things to keep in mind; this is a first come first serve basis! Also it will cost $1.50 per hour.

We hope you enjoy our printing service here at UWIT!

Got a tech issue but can’t call? Chat with us!

It was a dark and stormy night at 3 in the afternoon. Suddenly you can’t access wyocourses! You’re roommate is asleep and you can’t wake them but you need help because that paper is due tonight! You can log in, but for some reason, whenever you tried getting into a course, it errors out! But it’s not over yet! Over here at the IT Help Desk we have a chat system in which you will get into a que and one of our representatives will take it and will be more than happy to help you through the issue! We can even remote in and see your screen if you want us to! In your search bar in your browser, type to get connected with a representative!

Here at UWIT we are open from 7:30-4:30 for summer and 8-5 during winter. You can chat with us about any tech problems you run into at that time! Keep in mind though, if you need to reset your password you will still have to call us so that we can confirm a few things about your identity. But most things we can help you with no problem! So next time your in a pinch, feel free to get into a chat session with us! We’re more than happy to help!

Need A Scanner? There’s An App For That!


In today’s issue of There’s an app for that, today we’ll cover an amazing app called CamScanner. This amazing little app turns your phone into a handy-dandy scanner! The app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone so you need not worry about compatibility! Now you might be thinking: “it’s just going to take a picture isn’t it?” Well, yes that is essentially what scanners do, but like a scanner, it contrasts the text so that it is easily readable! Also if you didn’t get the best picture (crooked, out of focus etc) it will automatically apply a filter to make enhance it and straighten it out! Give it a shot sometime! As a student, I use this much more than I originally thought I would! Also, it is free! You have to sign up for an account, though, but of course, that’s free as well! Hope this helps all of you on your way to getting that degree!

No Headphone Jack? No Problem.

iPhone 7 has been announced and iOS10 has been released! What a time to be alive if you’re an Apple user! But one thing about the iPhone 7 is that there is no headphone jack. What were they thinking?! Chill fam, we got you covered. Apple’s proprietary Bluetooth headphones are a whopping $160, that’s a little insane. Luckily, a quick search on or a walk through Walmart can yield some good results. Bluetooth headphones are becoming more popular now even before the release of the iPhone 7. I’m not going to recommend any headphones to you. I’m here to let you know you have options. I’m an android user and still I use Bluetooth headphones. There’s something liberating about not having to worry about wires when you put these things on. Overall, I would recommend making the switch even if you don’t need them since they are becoming cheaper.