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Throwback Thursday: Tamagotchi


Remember that annoying beep? That sound that interrupted everything you were doing because your Tamagotchi was begging to be fed? We do. Most of my friends back in the day had one of these little guys and goodness was it fun but annoying at times.

Feeding and playing games with it to see what it would turn into was incredibly fun for all ages and annoying for all parents too.


Old School Social Media

How many of you remember using one of these social media precursors?

old school social media

You’ve Got Mail! Remember when that was an exciting sound…

Like this if you remember actually hearing your computer tell you “You’ve Got Mail”, normally right after hearing a dial tone to connect to the internet.

cartoon 1

Throw Back Thursday – They just don’t make things like they used to….

They just don’t build things like they used to. I can drop my smartphone from the side of the couch and the screen will smash and then die soon after. Back in the day, things were made to last. For example this Game Boy. It survived the barracks bombing during the Gulf War and you can still play Tetris on it! Nintendo keeps this Game Boy in their World Store in NYC just to prove the resilience of old school Game Boys!

Bombed gameboy 1

Throwback Thursday – Tamagotchis

tamagotchi 2Do you have fond memories of feeding and cleaning up after a small virtual pet on a brightly colored plastic egg keychain? Your Tamagotchi taught you valuable life lessons about taking care of something that was so incredibly needy that it could die in less than a half day. If you are really missing your Tamagotchi then don’t worry there are multiple apps for this virtual pet and they are launching the keychain again this fall. How many of you remember this wonderfully needy pet?

Throw Back Thursday – Atari’s Game Graveyard

It’s official, the Atari video games have been found in the landfill in New Mexico.  Atari E.T. lives again!  Ok, I haven’t heard if it is still actually functional, but still pretty cool that they survived.  The legend is confirmed.

Throw Back Thursday – Walkmans

Remember walkmans?   You could put on your headphones, put your favorite in, clip in onto your jeans and you could jam to your music on the way to bus stop.  Watch kids react to a walkman for the first time.  Like this post if you remember using a walkman!

I like the kid that thought this was when music was invented.  🙂