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PSA: Don’t download programs to your Android phone that say they’re Super Mario Run. They’re fake

Recently Super Mario Run just came out for the iPhone and it’s left Android users looking for the game. Here’s the thing, it only came out for iPhone with no garantee that it’s coming to Android. But that’s given hackers an opening and have been putting out fake APK’s and other downloads that claim to be the game. Do a simple google search and it’s one of the top suggestions.

A website claiming to have the APK to download. It's fake though and most likely malware.

A website claiming to have the APK to download. It’s fake though and most likely malware.

So if you come across a site that claims that it has the Super Mario Run APK, don’t buy into it. It’s just a scam and if you have already downloaded it and found out it was fake, you might want to download Malwarebytes for your phone and come into the service center. Most likely you will need to wipe your phone and restore using a backup which they can assist you with. But if they are not available, you might need to see if google has a backup and revert to it.

Hopefully, this will be a warning before you download a fake APK and can prevent a world of hassle for you and your phone.


Why Can’t I Connect This?! (Internet Troubles)

So you’ve successfully moved in and gotten everything plugged in. But now you can’t add your smart TV or Chromecast to the wifi because you can’t sign in like normal. What gives? How does one add their devices to the wifi without the proper security settings to allow you to sign into your uwyo account?

Thankfully there is an easy workaround. You simply need to purchase a WiFi router. That way your devices can connect to the router because it doesn’t require the same security as does our wifi. If you can hardwire the router into it, you’re good to go! You just need to make sure you secure your router with a good password so that nearby students don’t try to piggyback off of it.

If you’re not sure what router to purchase, you may need to do some homework on it. Keep in mind that despite what your router may say about its speed, it still is dependent on your ISP (Internet Service Provider). If they can provide a good internet connection and good speed, then you’re golden and your router can get to those speeds it boasts about. However, that usually is not the case so bear that in mind when purchasing a router.

As always, if you do have difficulty with setting any of this up, you can always bring it into the service center or call the help desk for troubleshooting! Have a great day everyone!

Internet Access at UW

As you all settle into your first week here at University of Wyoming,  Information Technology (IT) just wanted to take a moment to tell you about internet access here on campus and how to connect.

You can find information on our wireless network here.

Here is a wireless map of our network as well.

We also have guides for connecting to the wireless network with a Android and iPhone.


The Only Time Kahn Will Help You With School.


Alright, so maybe not the Kahn from Star Trek, but we can pretend right? Kahn Academy is a resource for any and all who either need to learn a new formula, or just want to brush up what they already know and study it. Kahn Academy is a great resource for any student who needs to get through that dreaded math class.

What’s the price of this tutoring? Absolutely free! I personally have used it and it’s saved me from the heartbreak of failing a few math tests. So how does this all work? Simple, you tell it what you’re trying to learn and it generates a plan around it with loads of instructional videos that are clear and concise. It may test to see what you already know, from there it will know what you may need to focus in on and better hone your skills.

So whether you need a refresher on what  a square root it is, or something way more advanced like Multi variable calculus. Kahn Academy has you covered.

Time management, work smarter not harder!

If it’s one thing that is crammed the most when you are going to school whether it’s elementary or college, you will be taught a lot about how to manage your time effectively. But have you noticed a lot of those guides or lessons are a little old school? That’s what I’m here to tell you is an up to date version of that!

I personally use an app called Planner Pro-Personal Organizer for Android. For iOS, you can use Class Manager which essentially does the same thing. You can look around for one that suits your style if you want. These are just suggestions to get you started!

Now once you have those installed, it’s time to plan! What I like to do is every Sunday I sit down and look through my assignments and write down times I need to work on such things. Even during class when something is announced I may need to write it down just in case they don’t put it on Wyocourses. From there I plan out the entire day including work. Once I finish doing that, I plan some destress time. So whether that means I go to the park and walk around catching Pokemon (exercise is good for you!) Or I sit down and take some time to get caught up in a really good game. Sometimes I just take  the time to read even! But I know it helps a lot!

I’m not saying you need to do it my way or some way that a teacher thinks is best. You need to find what works for you! Obviously, 15 minutes on Math and 3 hours in a game isn’t going to work. So you need to be responsible when it comes to that. but once you get a system down, it makes everything 3x easier and less stressful! So go on! Find out what suits you and helps you become more productive! You’ll find it more rewarding in both grades, and you’ll feel more accomplished!

Google’s Two Factor Authentication. What It Is And Why You Should Do It.


If you’ve never heard of two factor authentication, it’s simply an added login step to ensure security on your account by using a trusted device such as a smartphone or a tablet. When you initially log in, you’ll be prompted for a verification code in most instances, that number is pushed to a trusted device (your phone) and you enter that number that was given to you and bam, you’re logged in. Seems pretty simple right?

But unfortunately, so many people simply refuse to enroll in these security measures simply because they don’t want to wait for a verification code and enter it so they usually opt-out of this. Google has started offering this and for very good reason. Google has so many different services such as youtube, gmail, google drive, docs, sheets… I could go on for a while. You don’t want some random person in a random country gaining access to all that do you? Granted some may not use all these services, and while others may rely more on it it’s still important to protect your account. If you want more information from Google’s end on this, go here.

Luckily google has made it VERY easy to secure your account. You have 3 options: USB Authentication, Text Code and simply pressing “yes” on a trusted device. The choice is up to you on how you want to authenticate but in case if any of you were wondering how on earth verification works via USB, its pretty simple actually and my preferred method of login. Yubikey supplies special USB keys that are cheap (depending on the model) that when you plug it in, it registers that key so when you log in next time, you simply plug in the USB Key and press the key icon and your in!

Finally you have the option to mark a computer as trusted so that you won’t have to use two factor on it again. Just make sure you don’t use it on public computers that others use!

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Affordable Entertainment For The College Life

Entertainment, most of the time, it isn’t cheap. So what’s a broke college student to do? Fortunately there are alternatives and we got you covered.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi. While this isn’t an actual edible pie, it is a full fledged computer complete with it’s own version of Linux installed called Raspian.

One of these bad boys can stream your favorite entertainment services such as Netflix, Hulu, Crunchy roll and if you want to switch it up, it can stream Google Play Music, iTunes, Pandora or Spotify. Pick your flavor.

So long as your Pi has internet connection you’re ready to roll. But how much does the Raspberry Pi cost? Depends on the model, but don’t fret, the most expensive model is $35 tops. It hooks up to any TV that supports HDMI which at this point is most Television and monitors so you should have an HDMI laying around. It also doesn’t have an on board WiFi Card. But it does have an Ethernet port as well as 4 USB slots that you can hook up a USB WiFi Adapter which you can find here. Just plug it in and you’re good to go!

If this got you hungry for more, you can find some neat projects if you’re inclined to dig a little deeper and learn a few new things. You can find some awesome tutorials here