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Alternatives to Office 365

The day has finally come where you are graduating from UW. Unfortunately, that means you will lose access to your Office 365 subscription. While most jobs do typically provide an Office 365 subscription, there may be a period where you’re hanging dry. Here are some of the best free office suite programs!

Google Docs

I actually have used this more during my time here at UW than I have MS Word. Google has a full office suite that is incredibly fleshed out. You and a buddy can collaborate on the same document and leave comments and sharing is a snap. Word online does the same thing, don’t get me wrong. But from my experience it’s not as easy to set up.


Apache Open Office.

While I personally have never used this software, It still gets the job done by having word processing, spreadsheet and the usual office products as well as a few additions.


Libre Office

Some of you Linux fans might recognize this one right away. Libre office is another open-source office suite that is quite popular with the Linux crowd. It’s very similar to Apache office, just a matter of preference for this one.

There you have it! These are some of the best free office suites out there you can find! Hope this helps anyone out there when it comes to finding a quick free solution to not having office!


Cloud Backups: Why they really are a good idea


You can never be too careful with your files these days. Har drives fail, things get spilled, and we drop things. It’s always good to have multiple backups. As someone who does wedding videography and photography, I can’t afford to rely on the original file. Hence the reason why I usually backup my work to three places.  An external hard drive, my second hard drive on my PC and finally, my Google Drive account. I can’t tell you how many times I have sorted my files and began editing and suddenly a file becomes corrupted. So I simply pull from one of my backups and were good. Now I may just be a little over the top with my backups, but you can never be too careful.

I know that some of you might already be thinking that cloud-based storage costs a lot. It can depend on what you want or need. But typically you can get anywhere from 15-20 Gigs for free and if you want more, each service has their own breakdown and pricing which you will need to decide for yourself and what you want. So whether you’re a student, professor, researcher or an editor, it never hurts to keep backups and organize them. You’ll always thank yourself later.

PSA: Don’t download programs to your Android phone that say they’re Super Mario Run. They’re fake

Recently Super Mario Run just came out for the iPhone and it’s left Android users looking for the game. Here’s the thing, it only came out for iPhone with no garantee that it’s coming to Android. But that’s given hackers an opening and have been putting out fake APK’s and other downloads that claim to be the game. Do a simple google search and it’s one of the top suggestions.

A website claiming to have the APK to download. It's fake though and most likely malware.

A website claiming to have the APK to download. It’s fake though and most likely malware.

So if you come across a site that claims that it has the Super Mario Run APK, don’t buy into it. It’s just a scam and if you have already downloaded it and found out it was fake, you might want to download Malwarebytes for your phone and come into the service center. Most likely you will need to wipe your phone and restore using a backup which they can assist you with. But if they are not available, you might need to see if google has a backup and revert to it.

Hopefully, this will be a warning before you download a fake APK and can prevent a world of hassle for you and your phone.

Nursing Students Rejoice! Latest Fitbit Blaze Update Adds Fully Functioning Analog Clock Watch Faces!

If you’re a nursing student who wants a Fitbit but is discouraged by the lack of devices that use the second hand? Be discouraged no more. A recent update went out for the Fitbit Blaze and it’s so far pretty awesome. It gives a lot more variety in watch faces and now features all three hands in analog clocks. So now you can use your Fitbit at work or school to track your activity and read those pulses efficiently! But as previously mentioned this only works right now for the Fitbit Blaze. None of the other models have a fully functioning analog clock sadly. That doesn’t mean we’re going to lose hope for the Charge HR 2!


Fitbit has goals you can aspire to reach and they can be completely customized too!

Fitbit isn’t really known for listening or being quick to acknowledge customer’s needs. So here’s hoping this is a sign of change and improvements from now on! I can personally testify that the Fitbit Blaze is an amazing smartwatch. Now with the new update I can get notifications from ALL of my applications and it’s made me fall in love with it more and more.

The price of the Fitbit Blaze? Depends where you look. Right now on Amazon it’s below $200. Since the release of the new Charge HR 2 it’s brought the price of the Blaze down a little bit. So if you’re interested go ahead and take a look at it!

Why Can’t I Connect This?! (Internet Troubles)

So you’ve successfully moved in and gotten everything plugged in. But now you can’t add your smart TV or Chromecast to the wifi because you can’t sign in like normal. What gives? How does one add their devices to the wifi without the proper security settings to allow you to sign into your uwyo account?

Thankfully there is an easy workaround. You simply need to purchase a WiFi router. That way your devices can connect to the router because it doesn’t require the same security as does our wifi. If you can hardwire the router into it, you’re good to go! You just need to make sure you secure your router with a good password so that nearby students don’t try to piggyback off of it.

If you’re not sure what router to purchase, you may need to do some homework on it. Keep in mind that despite what your router may say about its speed, it still is dependent on your ISP (Internet Service Provider). If they can provide a good internet connection and good speed, then you’re golden and your router can get to those speeds it boasts about. However, that usually is not the case so bear that in mind when purchasing a router.

As always, if you do have difficulty with setting any of this up, you can always bring it into the service center or call the help desk for troubleshooting! Have a great day everyone!

Internet Access at UW

As you all settle into your first week here at University of Wyoming,  Information Technology (IT) just wanted to take a moment to tell you about internet access here on campus and how to connect.

You can find information on our wireless network here.

Here is a wireless map of our network as well.

We also have guides for connecting to the wireless network with a Android and iPhone.