Alternatives to Office 365

The day has finally come where you are graduating from UW. Unfortunately, that means you will lose access to your Office 365 subscription. While most jobs do typically provide an Office 365 subscription, there may be a period where you’re hanging dry. Here are some of the best free office suite programs!

Google Docs

I actually have used this more during my time here at UW than I have MS Word. Google has a full office suite that is incredibly fleshed out. You and a buddy can collaborate on the same document and leave comments and sharing is a snap. Word online does the same thing, don’t get me wrong. But from my experience it’s not as easy to set up.


Apache Open Office.

While I personally have never used this software, It still gets the job done by having word processing, spreadsheet and the usual office products as well as a few additions.


Libre Office

Some of you Linux fans might recognize this one right away. Libre office is another open-source office suite that is quite popular with the Linux crowd. It’s very similar to Apache office, just a matter of preference for this one.

There you have it! These are some of the best free office suites out there you can find! Hope this helps anyone out there when it comes to finding a quick free solution to not having office!


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