Malware: You Don’t Wanna Catch Em’ All

sad chu Pikachu doesn’t like finding malware on his computer…

Malware, it’s all over the internet and has grown rapidly recently. Something that seems so easy to avoid is still finding it’s way on a lot of computers recently. Why is that? Because a lot of installations have become VERY sneak y with the tactics they implore. Also, it depends on what your downloading and from who. This is where you need to use your best judgement and if you get a funny feeling about a site, Don’t risk it.

One method they like to use is while you’re trying to install some innocent program that is legitimately not malware, in the installation screen it will have multiple check boxes that are auto check them. So you click  through and before you know it, you have random pop-up boxes on your home screen and your computer begins to move PAINFULLY slow. It’s a very dirty trick, but can be avoided if you simply pay attention to everything in the install process.

But let’s say you do accidentally install some malware. luckily there is a very nice and effective program out there called Malwarebytes. It’s a free program that clears out any and all malware on your system. It may ask you to pay for the premium but I wouldn’t. You can use it unlimited times and all the paid version does is it stays up to date automatically and runs daily scans in the background.

Hopefully this helps everyone out there stay a little safer and avoid traps like these! Have a great day everyone!


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