Nasa’s picture of the day and your wallpaper

50 Years of the European Southern Observatory...'Editorial Use Only : Mandatory credit 'ESO/T. Preibisch' Mandatory Credit: Photo by ESO/T. Preibisch / Rex Features (1893081r) ESO


Now I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like Nasa’s photos of the day. They’re usually fantastic and astonishigly beautiful. Now wouldn’t it be cool if every day your background changed when they posted their photo of the day to that picture? Well these days you can! I’ll show you how on Android and iOS!

First, for both you’ll want to install an app called IFTTT. Sound familiar? For those of you who read my How to automate your car series will remember this app fondly. Now this is where the two don’t match up. In IFTTT you can save a recipe for android here that automatically sets it. As for iOS you’ll want to go here so it automatically saves it to your camera roll and from there, you will either need to manually set it yourself, or find an app that has access to your photos and settings and can do that for you.

Well there you go! You now can have your phone’s background set to Nasa’s picture of the day everyday no problem!

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