No Headphone Jack? No Problem.

iPhone 7 has been announced and iOS10 has been released! What a time to be alive if you’re an Apple user! But one thing about the iPhone 7 is that there is no headphone jack. What were they thinking?! Chill fam, we got you covered. Apple’s proprietary Bluetooth headphones are a whopping $160, that’s a little insane. Luckily, a quick search on or a walk through Walmart can yield some good results. Bluetooth headphones are becoming more popular now even before the release of the iPhone 7. I’m not going to recommend any headphones to you. I’m here to let you know you have options. I’m an android user and still I use Bluetooth headphones. There’s something liberating about not having to worry about wires when you put these things on. Overall, I would recommend making the switch even if you don’t need them since they are becoming cheaper.


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