Google Reportedly Axing The Ara Program


Yes, you read that title right. Google is currently dismounting the Ara program. After a series of events including the director of the project left, it seems to have completely fallen apart since. It was going to come out in 2017 with developer models coming out late 2016. Google hasn’t said anything about the cancellation but all we know now is that the hope of having a modular smartphone that can swap out parts continues to be a distant dream in the hearts and minds of many tech lovers.

I don’t think it’s over, though. Right now we just might not have the technological capabilities as of right now. But who knows? Maybe our kids will be swapping out parts on their own phones in the future and saving parents a load of money!

For now, we can only wait and see with bated breath to what Google is going to talk about and unveil on October 4th.


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