Suspect Unusual Activity On Your Account? Change Your Password!

sneaky snek

Sometimes things just don’t add up with our accounts. Whether it be a file goes missing you know you uploaded just yesterday or perhaps something has changed in your account that you don’t remember changing. Change your password even if there is a sliver of doubt in your mind just to be safe. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry especially with your Univesity account!

Here are the instructions on how to change your password within Wyoweb! Keep in mind this only works if you already know your current password. If you forgot it, call us at 307-766-HELP option 1! If you get locked out, remember it takes anywhere from five to ten minutes for your account to be unlocked. Finallly, never share your password with anyone! No matter who they are or what their relation is to you!

Stay safe and secure everyone! Have a great day!


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