Smartwatches and why you probably shouldn’t bring them to a big test.


Smartwatches are beginning to replace standard watches. In case you don’t know what a smartwatch is, it’s a watch that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and pushes notifications to your phone as well as being able to reply with it. They actually have a lot of functionality aside from pushing notifications to your phone. But recently people have begun to use them to cheat on tests.

In other countries and even here in the U.S, the devices are being banned campus-wide due to notorious cheaters bringing them to tests and putting the answers on their devices.

This is why I wouldn’t bring mine to a test just to avoid any possible accusations. That being said, cheating does come with a very steep penalty. Just don’t do it! When you go into the test, take it off and put it away to avoid any and all temptation as well as your phone! It’s just not worth getting caught!


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