Why You Need To Be The One Who Calls Regarding Your Account

Life is busy. We get it, really, we do. Sometimes you just don’t have the time during the day to make a phone call. Here at the Help Desk we occasionally get calls from parents, spouses or friends asking to gain access to a students account. Unfortunately due to the FERPA act, we are unable to allow access to the account to anyone other than the account holder. It’s a matter of privacy which is why we verify people’s identity via their date of birth and the last four of their Social Security Number.

Fortunately, we make the process quick and easy for you to reset the password to your account so you can get in to the account. From there you can then access your transcripts, sign up for classes or whatever else you need to do in your account. Even if you borrow someone’s phone we can still help you, so long as you are the account holder. It’s a matter of security that we advise you do not give out your password. Once we conclude our business though, don’t give your password to anyone!

Let’s say you do anyways. You give your password out to your parents who live in Boston (just for an example) and they log into your account. What will happen now is your account will be disabled and you will need to give us a call so that we can start the process of getting it re-enabled again. This is why we are so adamant about students not giving their passwords out to anyone because even though someone may get it right, it will alert our security system into thinking someone is trying to get into your account for nefarious reasons.


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