Antivirus And Your Computer- Which Ones Too Avoid


In today’s ever advancing tech world it seems there is some new cyber threat out there to wreck your day. Everyone tells you to get an antivirus program to protect your computer but there are already a lot of choices out there. Did you know that most of them are actually malware themselves and typically won’t do anything to actually protect your computer?

It’s true, applications like MacKeeper and McAffee to name a couple. These programs don’t actually hunt down malware or viruses but rather claims to find it all while pretending to keep your PC clean when really all it’s doing is creating problems.

If you’ve noticed your PC or Mac slowing down after downloading and Antivirus or malware program, you may wish to reconsider and do some research on a more reputable one such as Norton and Malwarebytes.  It always pays to do your homework on what’s best for your PC! So don’t be caught in one of these traps! But remember if something does happen to your PC, you can always call the IT Help Desk or bring your PC to the service center to have it looked at no cost to you!

Hope this alleviates some confusion on the topic of antivirus programs and makes sure that you are more secure while surfing the internet! Have a great day!


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