Time management, work smarter not harder!

If it’s one thing that is crammed the most when you are going to school whether it’s elementary or college, you will be taught a lot about how to manage your time effectively. But have you noticed a lot of those guides or lessons are a little old school? That’s what I’m here to tell you is an up to date version of that!

I personally use an app called Planner Pro-Personal Organizer for Android. For iOS, you can use Class Manager which essentially does the same thing. You can look around for one that suits your style if you want. These are just suggestions to get you started!

Now once you have those installed, it’s time to plan! What I like to do is every Sunday I sit down and look through my assignments and write down times I need to work on such things. Even during class when something is announced I may need to write it down just in case they don’t put it on Wyocourses. From there I plan out the entire day including work. Once I finish doing that, I plan some destress time. So whether that means I go to the park and walk around catching Pokemon (exercise is good for you!) Or I sit down and take some time to get caught up in a really good game. Sometimes I just take  the time to read even! But I know it helps a lot!

I’m not saying you need to do it my way or some way that a teacher thinks is best. You need to find what works for you! Obviously, 15 minutes on Math and 3 hours in a game isn’t going to work. So you need to be responsible when it comes to that. but once you get a system down, it makes everything 3x easier and less stressful! So go on! Find out what suits you and helps you become more productive! You’ll find it more rewarding in both grades, and you’ll feel more accomplished!


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