The Death Of Java and What It Means For You

It’s no secret that Java is dying and quick. It has revived a poor reputation because of all the security risks that come with it. Even Oracle is no longer going to support it. It’s a breeding ground for all sorts of viruses and invulnerability.

Most Internet Browsers these days don’t support Java anyways. Most people may not have even noticed. But that doesn’t mean the death of Java won’t affect anyone. So what does it mean for day to day consumers like you and I?

Well, for students, it won’t directly affect them. but rather it will be more of a side effect of their day to day efforts. If they need a password reset, someone here at IT may have more difficulty looking up account information because one of our programs here at IT that practically all departments use runs on Java and will no longer be supported. Online training will be affected too just to cover a few things. So when that time comes, don’t be alarmed when some things grind to a halt. A work around will be found and everyone can get back on track in no time!


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