Google’s Two Factor Authentication. What It Is And Why You Should Do It.


If you’ve never heard of two factor authentication, it’s simply an added login step to ensure security on your account by using a trusted device such as a smartphone or a tablet. When you initially log in, you’ll be prompted for a verification code in most instances, that number is pushed to a trusted device (your phone) and you enter that number that was given to you and bam, you’re logged in. Seems pretty simple right?

But unfortunately, so many people simply refuse to enroll in these security measures simply because they don’t want to wait for a verification code and enter it so they usually opt-out of this. Google has started offering this and for very good reason. Google has so many different services such as youtube, gmail, google drive, docs, sheets… I could go on for a while. You don’t want some random person in a random country gaining access to all that do you? Granted some may not use all these services, and while others may rely more on it it’s still important to protect your account. If you want more information from Google’s end on this, go here.

Luckily google has made it VERY easy to secure your account. You have 3 options: USB Authentication, Text Code and simply pressing “yes” on a trusted device. The choice is up to you on how you want to authenticate but in case if any of you were wondering how on earth verification works via USB, its pretty simple actually and my preferred method of login. Yubikey supplies special USB keys that are cheap (depending on the model) that when you plug it in, it registers that key so when you log in next time, you simply plug in the USB Key and press the key icon and your in!

Finally you have the option to mark a computer as trusted so that you won’t have to use two factor on it again. Just make sure you don’t use it on public computers that others use!

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