How To Automate Your Vehicle From The 90’s

Automation. These days a lot of things do it including cars. But it is a fairly new invention, also these cars are not cheap either and you’re 1997 Subaru Legacy isn’t exactly going to have built in Bluetooth.


Luckily for most of us, we do have phones that have a tool called NFC. What is NFC? Near Field Communication. If your phone does  Android Pay then you’ve had experience with NFC. Even if you’ve never used these programs you can always check via settings.

In case you didn’t know what NFC is. Basically it means when you tap your phone on one of these small chips, it transfers data instantly. Which opens a world of possibilities for these chips such as storing contact data, making lists of items in a box and in our case, chaining a sequence of events to automate your car. Granted it cannot hold very much at all, but for what we’re doing, it has plenty of data available.

Go and buy yourself a handful of NFC Chips here which, thankfully, are very cheap. Then get yourself a car dock that mounts via window or vent if you don’t already have one.

Finally, download an app for NFC writing. A good app for Android is TriggerUnfortunately iOS does not support NFC except for Apple Pay. But there is a work around for this which will be covered in another post.

In the Trigger app, go ahead and tap the + button to add a trigger which in this case will be NFC

nfc derp

you can add restrictions if you wish, but for now, lets continue on to adding Actions. With this, you can add multiple actions and change the order of which they run. Let’s start with turning on Car Dock. This will make it so that your phone cannot be messed with while driving as to not be tempted.

Next choose brightness and have it turn on auto brightness so that no matter the light situation outside, it can always accommodate for it without user intervention.

Which leaves the rest up to you! Make it place a call or send a text, play music or connect automatically to a Bluetooth speaker. The choice is yours. Just make sure it’s a reasonable choice and doesn’t distract you as the driver.

As a side note, be sure to hook up your phone to some sort of power source so your phone doesn’t die on you.

With great automation in the car comes great responsibility. Therefore, be smart about this, and don’t text and drive! It can always wait! The University of Wyoming does not encourage Texting and Driving in any way, so please be smart and be safe!


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