Affordable Entertainment For The College Life

Entertainment, most of the time, it isn’t cheap. So what’s a broke college student to do? Fortunately there are alternatives and we got you covered.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi. While this isn’t an actual edible pie, it is a full fledged computer complete with it’s own version of Linux installed called Raspian.

One of these bad boys can stream your favorite entertainment services such as Netflix, Hulu, Crunchy roll and if you want to switch it up, it can stream Google Play Music, iTunes, Pandora or Spotify. Pick your flavor.

So long as your Pi has internet connection you’re ready to roll. But how much does the Raspberry Pi cost? Depends on the model, but don’t fret, the most expensive model is $35 tops. It hooks up to any TV that supports HDMI which at this point is most Television and monitors so you should have an HDMI laying around. It also doesn’t have an on board WiFi Card. But it does have an Ethernet port as well as 4 USB slots that you can hook up a USB WiFi Adapter which you can find here. Just plug it in and you’re good to go!

If this got you hungry for more, you can find some neat projects if you’re inclined to dig a little deeper and learn a few new things. You can find some awesome tutorials here




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