Know You Social Media – Twitter Limits

As we continue to look at Twitter, we wanted to take this week to look at limits within this social media platform. Within Twitter there are several limits which can be applied to your account.

The first limit is to your tweets. Tweets, including mentions, replies, and retweets, are limited to 140 characters. In addition to character limits, there is a daily limit on how many tweets, retweets, replies, and mentions that an account can send each day. That limit is 2,400 tweets, which can further be broken down into hourly limits. If you were to reach one of those limits, either the hourly or daily, your Twitter account will alert you to the fact that you have reached your limit.

Direct Messages (DMs) have a character limits of 1,000 characters, unless the message is sent by SMS (SMS is sent by using a mobile phone or portable device). If the message is sent using SMS, then there is still a 140-character limit. In addition to the character limits, your account is only able to send 1,000 messages daily. Please note that if you start to send duplicate DMs from your account to multiple accounts, your Twitter can be flagged as spam activity. In this case you won’t be allowed to send messages for short period of time, however after a while you should be able too.

Tune in next time for more information on tweets, mentions, and replies.


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