Know Your Social Media – Intro To Twitter

This week with Know Your Social Media, we wanted to move away from Facebook and take a look at Twitter.

Founded in 2006, Twitter allows users to send out short tweets of 140 characters or less. According to Twitter’s information page, Twitter has 320 million active monthly users and employees 3,90 people around the world. Unlike Facebook, Twitter does not have instant messaging or the ability to play game through the application.

There are two types of tweets, public and protected. By default, all of your tweets will be public unless you change the settings.

Public Tweets: anyone can view and interact with your tweet.

Protected Tweets: only your follows will be able to see your tweets. Protected tweets will not appear to 3rd party search engines. In addition, your followers are not able to retweet your tweets. Finally, if you are mentioned, unless the person mentioning you is following you, you will be unable to see the mention.


In order to turn on protected tweets you must go into your settings by clicking on your profile pic and selecting settings.

twitter protected

Then click security and privacy.

twitter protected 2

Finally, make sure the box Tweet privacy: protect my Tweets is checked. (You may need to enter your password for this step to be completed.)

twitter protected 3


Once you have this box checked, click Save changes.

twitter protected4


You have now changed your tweets to be protected.

Tune in next time for Know Your Social Media where we will learn about mentions and replies!


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