Know Your Social Media – A Break

Normally on Thursdays, we take a look at different social media platforms. Today, we are going to look at some changes that have recently taken place within Facebook and dive deeper into the new emoji’s.

The virtual world is buzzing with the news of the new emoji’s on Facebook that can be used to replace the “Like” button. As Facebook edges closer to its 13 year mark, like any teenager, it has started developing an array of emotions. Yesterday, Facebook released six emoji’s that now act as the “Like” button. We, of course, have “Like” as the first option, but when you hover over the like button, five more pop up to make your enthusiastic opinion as accurate as possible. Now instead of liking something, you can also “Love” it! Because people love to be loved and what better way to show such affection?

Find something funny and “Like” isn’t enough to satisfy your need to express that enjoyment? No worries, there is a “Haha” button so that the whole world can know that not only do you like a post, but you find it hilarious as well! And where would our Facebook lives be without being able to demonstrate our excitement over someone’s new engagement or promotion to its full extent? Facebook has not failed you! They have added a “Wow” button for special occasions such as this.

And while the world sighs despair over the lost requests for a “Dislike” button, Facebook has given us two more detailed options in its place. Did your friend post about losing a love one and you want to show support, but you know “liking” the post would probably be taken the wrong way? Facebook has provided a “Sad” button for every heartbreaking moment you scroll past.

The final button in this array of newly developed Facebook emotions is the “Angry” button. While it is more specific than a dislike button, it can act for the same purpose when it is most needed. If you find something offensive or down right ridiculous, this “Angry” button will become your best friend.

Yes the disappointment over the lack of a dislike button will sit with us for a bit, but in its place, Facebook has given us the required tools to express ourselves on so many more levels than “Like” or “Dislike”. The virtual world is all about being able to express ourselves freely, and Facebook has just provided a more detailed way for us to do so. Look out world, virtual opinions in six different emotions are coming your way!


Kayla Reid

Front Desk Staff



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