Know Your Social Media – Facebook Privacy

Starting this week with Know Your Social Media, we want to start looking at individual social media platforms more in depth.

This week, we will take a closer look at Facebook. Facebook is a social networking company that was started in 2004. According the company’s info page, as of December 2015, Facebook has 12,691 employees and had an average of 1.04 billion daily active users for December.  Most of us have an account and use it on a regular basis. This could be sharing photos with family and friends, using it to express personal opinions, or maybe you manage your company’s account. Anyway you use Facebook, it’s important to know how to set your security settings so you know exactly what is private and public.


When updating your Facebook profile, it is important to know what your privacy settings are and what information can be seen by different people. Facebook has several settings that you are able to set your content to.

Public information can be seen by anyone. This information can be associated with you on and off of Facebook.

Somethings that are public include the following:

If you share something and there isn’t a category selected or you do not see an option to select, the information being shared will be public.

If you share something on someone else’s page, this information may not be kept private because the other person can change the privacy setting.

Posts on pages or public groups are public.

Information that is on Facebook as public can show up when a search is done on Facebook or on other search engines as well.

Friends/Friends +:  This setting allows you to select content for your friends. The + is for when other people become tagged on the post, so it becomes friends plus some.

Custom: This setting allows you to share with content with someone specific or hide in from certain users. You can also share or hide content on lists as you have them set up or share with groups or networks that you belong too.

Only Me: This will allow posts to only be visible to you and show on your timeline and in your News Feed. If you tag someone in something that is set to Only Me, the tagged people will be able to see it.


To change your privacy settings, there a few places that this change can be made at. The first place you can update your privacy settings is by going to your profile and selecting Update Info. Under Update Info, you will have the options to add and edit info. Before you save you will have the option to change who sees this information on your profile.




Another place you see privacy settings is when you go to create a post. You will be able to select who you would like the post to be visible to.


When you share a post you are also able to choose where you would like the post shared too.


Finally, after you have selected where you would like to share the post at, you can select who you would like to see it.


It is important to know who you are posting content too. Next week we will take a look at Facebook groups and the privacy settings within those.




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