The Perfect Resume

After your cover letter, you will want to include your resume. A resume is a one page summary of your education, experiences, skills, and accomplishments. Remember that some one will spend only 12-15 seconds reading your resume and you will want to make sure it reads as a list. That means using bullet points, size 12 font, and keeping it as close to a page long as possible. Also, distinguish categories by clearly bolding, underlining, or CAPITALIZING the different areas.

So how do you format a resume?


At the top you will want to include your name, address, telephone number, email address, and website address.

  • You will want to put your name in 14-point font
  • The address you will want to be a permanent address
  • Include a website if only it reflects your personal ambitions


  • Tells potential employers what work you’re hoping to do
  • 12 words or less


  • If you’re a new graduate without work should put education first
  • If you’re an alumni list after work experience
  • The education section should be formatted as followed:
    • Most recent education
    •  Include degree
    • Institution
    • GPA (If higher than 3.0)
    • Any Academic Honors/awards
    • Relevant coursework

Work Experience

  • Use action words to describe job duties
    • Title of position
    • Name of Organization
    • Location worked (city, state)
    • Dates of employment
    • Responsibilities with emphasis on specific skills and achievements

Other Information

  • It is here that you can include things like:
    • Key/special skills or competencies
    • Languages
    • Internship/clinical/student teaching
    • Leadership in clubs/organizations
    • Participation in athletics, intramural
    • Volunteer experience
    • Study abroad/international experience


  • Are not needed on a resume
  • Will be provided upon request
    • Have an addition page prepared that has 4-5 professionally related references
    • Make sure your references know you have put them down as a references

Finally, remember to proof read your resume before you submit it.


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