The Dreaded Cover Letter

Unless the application says to not write a cover letter, one should always be written, even when not specified. Cover letters allow employers to see more of you than just your resume thus making the cover letter another important part of applying for a job. While you may have a great LinkedIn profile, let’s face it, not all of the jobs you will want to apply for will be on LinkedIn. You will have to apply for these jobs and to do that you’ll want to make sure that your cover letter and resume are up to date.

So then, what exactly is a cover letter and why is it important?

A cover letter is a way for you to introduce yourself and sell yourself for the position you are applying for. It allows you to share some of your skills and your personality in a short 1/2 page 3/4. It is NOT a repeat of your resume. You want to focus on the things that have not been included in the resume and that make you as a candidate stand out.

How do you write a cover letter?

Make it 1-page max

You will want to include the information below:

  • Contact information
    • Employers
    • Your info
  • Introduction
    • Make sure to address to an appropriate person.
    • Dear sir/madam-didn’t do research
  • 1st paragraph
    • What position?
    • Align with the company?
    • What will you bring?
  • 2nd Paragraph
    • Sell yourself
    • Do NOT repeat resume tell them about you
      • Complement your resume
  • Conclusion
    • Call to action
      • Ask for an interview
      • Let them know you will follow up
    • Tell them what is included after the cover letter
    • Thank them for their time


Remember to keep it professional and use 12-point font. A cover letter can make all the difference!


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