LinkedIn Recommendations

For the final article in the LinkedIn series we will examine recommendations.

Yet another part of your profile is your recommendations. They are one more thing that allows you to look good to future employers

Recommendations come from your first level connections. To ask for a recommendation follow the steps below:

  • Go to your profile
  • Select the down arrow and select Ask to be Recommendedlined in rec
  • Fill out the prompted information and click send!

Once the person you asked for a letter of recommendation from completes the request, you will receive an email (to the email address that you signed up for with LinkedIn) that allows you to add to your profile or to ask for changes.

  • If you click add to profile, it will automatically add its self to your profile based on the information that was promoted when you sent the request.
  • If you select ask for changes, it will generate a Linked in message asking the person who wrote the letter to update the recommendation. In this message you will want to include what changes you would like to be made. Once you have sent this to be updated, it will need to be approved from the person who wrote it.

Recommendations look great on your LinkedIn profile. They allow your skills and talents to be highlighted and remember: Don’t be shy about asking for a recommendation.


This will conclude our LinkedIn series. We hope that this helps you build a wonderful profile that you can continue to build upon.


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