LinkedIn Experiences & Education

Once you have a great summary the next thing you are going to want to work on is your experiences.

While you’re working on your LinkedIn profile, remember it is social media. This means it will be personal and it is okay to use I, just don’t refer to yourself in the third person.


You will want to make sure that you own your experiences. This is the section that you can tell people what you have done and a little bit more about what you are currently doing.

  • Remember to include all professional and educational roles.
  • Don’t forget dates!
  • Include a description of what you do/did.


As students who are looking for jobs, this is an important field for you to fill out.

You will want to make sure that you include your university correctly, record the dates that you were there. If you have not yet graduated, fill in your expected graduation date.  It is in this section that you can include any study abroad programs that you have participated in while being a student. Also in the section, you may include any scholarships that you have received.

You do not need to list out the classes you have taken because a little further down on your profile, you will be asked for your Courses. Under the Courses section you will want to include any courses that you took that were unusual or an amazing class. Remember you don’t want to clutter your LinkedIn profile, so this section is good to highlight a couple classes that make you stand out from others in your field.


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