LinkedIn Firsts!

There a few key things your LinkedIn profile needs to get started. Take a look below for the first few key things.


The first thing to any profile is your picture. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. You will want to make sure to add a picture that is professional, up close, and one that doesn’t have other people or items in the background. You don’t want anything competing with your face for attention.


The next thing someone sees on your profile is your summary. You will want to follow the steps below but keep in mind, are you look openly seeking a job or is your job hunt secretive from your current employer(s).

  1. You want your summary to act as an objective statement on a resume. That includes having such information as a bio explaining who are and what your intentions are. This will be the first impression that anyone visiting your LinkedIn profile, like an employer or potential investor, will get.
  2. Don’t leave it blank!
  3. Use all 2,000 characters
  4. Remember to break it up. No one wants to read large chunks


Below you will find example ways to write you summary for both of the situations described above:


Actively and openly searching for a new job:

  • 1st paragraph: Describe the work you do and at what level you do it. Include any special expertise that you have. Remember if you have over 15 years of experience, just say 15+
  • 2nd paragraph: Describe what you do currently (or what was most recent). You can select a few of your accomplishments and briefly describe them. (or what you did most recently) and select a few impressive accomplishments to describe very briefly. Include any honors and awards you have won as well.
  • 3rd paragraph: Here’s where you describe your personal work style and important character traits.
  • 4th paragraph: Summarize your education and any important work-related qualifications.
  • Contact information: Explain that you’re exploring new opportunities and provide your phone number (if you feel comfortable doing so).

Secretly searching for a job:

When conducting a secret search, you want to promote yourself effectively while also giving the impression of being happy in your current role. This profile template will help you to do just that.

  • 1st paragraph: Describe your current position. By opening with this, you are telling your current employer that you are content. This won’t hurt you with recruiters because they will still contact you if they have a suitable vacancy. You may even seem more desirable to them because you are currently happily employed. As you describe your current position, talk about the scope of your responsibility and, if you talk about achievements, talk about them in the context of team achievement (see below for an example). This again conveys that you are not actively looking to promote yourself, but it gives recruiters a good sense of your experience.
  • 2nd paragraph: Give a brief synopsis of your prior experience, again focusing on describing the facts rather than promoting specific accomplishments.
  • 3rd paragraph: Describe why you enjoy your work. (This will impress employers but it will also signal to your current employer that you’re content, and will therefore help you keep your search a secret).
  • 4th paragraph: Summarize your education and any important work-related qualifications.
  • Contact information: Close by saying that you’re always interested in connecting with colleagues or old friends. (If your boss is wondering why you created a LinkedIn profile, here’s your explanation.)

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