Selfie to Pay?

We’ve all done it at one time or another, either to impress someone, snapchatting, to make memories, the list goes on and on. What am I talking about? Selfies of course. We all do them. Even those that deny taking selfies will take an occasional one. It’s our society. The word “selfie” has even been inducted into the English language in the last decade or so. It’s still something rather new to human society in general. But it may just be the future now of not only social media, but credit card security. That’s right I did not misspell anything there. Credit card security. MasterCard has decided to pilot a program that uses facial recognition technology for security. According to CNN Money’s article, they said that about 500 people will test the program and if successful it will be brought to the public as an option for credit card security.


So be ready everyone. You may be paying for groceries, gas, and the online clothing you buy with your face. How cool would that be? If you want to read more about “Selfie to Pay” visit .


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Andrew Merritt

Front Desk Staff


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