The Rumored iWatch

Smartphones have already made the modern world more convenient with the capabilities to reach anyone anywhere on the planet and have endless information at your fingertips. What if you didn’t even have to reach in your pocket anymore? This is where the future is heading. iWatch rumors have been floating around that production could begin this July and maybe released in October. iWatch is a technological advance for Apple Inc., that puts your mobile device on your wrist, making your cellular device smaller and more convenient.

It is rumored that they have already started trial runs and are eager to mass produce these watches. Apparently the smart-watch will have a 2.5-inch display and will be “slightly rectangular.” Reuters, who has an industry source, says that the face will ‘protrude slightly from the band,’ have a touch screen and charge wirelessly. The image below is Todd Hamilton’s idea on what the iWatch may look like. It looks similar iwatchto other Apple products but it’s neat to think that you could literally wear your device and serve two purposes: fashion and function. The proposed sleek design isn’t too bad looking no one knows how much it weighs yet and pictures have yet to surface with a model actually wearing the piece but it will be interesting to see how quickly these devices will sell out upon release.

It is believed that the watch can do everything from taking calls to using its built in sensors to monitor your health. Who doesn’t want to have their doctor just chilling on their wrist? They are expected to release 50 million of these little devices upon its first year of release, and if there is one thing we know about Apple, it’s that in the years to come there will be several versions of a slightly different but same thing. Keep an eye out to reserve your iWatch because just like any other big Apple Inc. release they will probably be sold out in minutes.

Hannah Jones
ITC Front Desk Staff

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