Graduating? Plan for Your Technology Needs

Close up of a graduation cap and a certificate with a ribbonGraduating from college is a big step in your life; something to be really proud of. As you transition from the role of student to alumni, UW IT wants to keep you informed about changes to your UW accounts so you can plan accordingly.  Here are some of changes you will see as a new alumni of the University of Wyoming.

  • Your WyoWeb is going to have limited functionality. Meaning your new role will be an Alumni. You will be able to access transcripts and pay any outstanding bills, but you will no longer need access to register for classes or view your class schedules.
  • Your email account will no longer be available. Your UW email will be deleted. The username purge happens twice a year. Make sure you create a professional email address with Gmail, Yahoo, or another provider. Also make sure you don’t use your UW email for any job applications since it will be going away.
  • You will no longer have access to UW computing resources such as logging onto lab computers or help from the IT Service Center. Use this service while you can!
  • Office 365 becomes inactive 2 weeks after you graduate!

What are some options for getting ready for these changes?

  • Take advantage of is getting your computer checked out by Resnet. If your computer is running slow or you have been putting off getting it looked at, do it now while you still have the free option!
  • Consider purchasing Microsoft University. It is Microsoft Office Pro, just like your Office 365, it is only $80 and it last for four years after you graduate! You have to purchase this before you graduate since it requires a valid .edu email address. The last thing you want to do is start applying for jobs and writing resumes and cover letters only to discover that you don’t have Word anymore!

You are starting a new chapter in your life and IT wants to help make it as smooth of a transition as possible!


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