Internet Explorer Problem – Switch to Another Browser until it is Fixed

A critical flaw has been found in Internet Explorer’s browser (all versions) that could make your computer vulnerable to hackers. The flaw is called “Operation Clandestine Fox.” The hackers set up websites that can gain complete control of your computer allowing them to install apps, break into accounts, and use the computer on their own. They use Adobe Flash in order to gain access. This is a unique, never seen before attack so it is even more 1 Even Homeland Security has issued a security alert about it which doesn’t happen often. Luckily, there is an easy way to avoid it.

The best step that you can take in order to protect yourself is to stop using Internet Explorer until Microsoft releases a fix for it. Other browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox do not have this problem so they are safe. If you have to use Internet Explorer for some reason, you will want to increase your security setting to high. Note that this will make it so that some websites will not function as normal. It is also suggested that you disable Adobe Flash plug-in since that will stop the bug.  UWIT will provide more information when Microsoft has a fix.

Keep in mind most of us are using our browsers for Facebook or studying for finals so it is just easier to use a different browser until this is fixed that way you don’t lose that last minute paper that you are working on. If you feel that your computer is infected call the UW Help Desk right away at 307-766-4357.

Jackie Alexander
Information Technology

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