Print from your phone! Now available in UW Student Labs!

How many times have you had to hunt for a computer in the library in order to print just a few last minute documents for class? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just connect to a printer from your personal computer or phone? Well, UW IT has made that a reality!

UW Student Mobile Printing service or Everyonmobile printing 2ePrint just launched! The Mobile Printing service allows students to print documents from mobile devices and personal computers through a website or the supported iOS or Android app. This service links with your UW username and the print charges are deducted from your printing account.

Installation and setup is easy and can save you a ton of time in the long run!  From the mobile printing website, you can find the instructions to get set up.  The service only works if you are connected to the UW network and only the following types of documents can be printed: Microsoft Office, PDFs, image files (JPGs, GIFs, TIFs, and BMPs) and TXT documents.

Imagine the time and stress that can be saved by having this service! This is an amazing opportunity for all UW students so take advantage of it!

Jackie Alexander

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