Death Comes For Windows XP

Most of us can remember when Windows XP came out (maybe). Cleaner looking, faster and more stable than Windows 98 or 2000, which made it perfect for AIM or Oregon Trail 4th edition. Well that was 13 years ago and the death of XP 4Windows XP is approaching. On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will stop supporting XP.

So why should you care? You can still check Facebook and run Word so why upgrade something that is working fine for you?  With end of support comes increased risks of viruses or getting hacked.  There are reports of malicious code being stockpiled, ready to move in as soon as Microsoft stops support.

Here’s the details. When Microsoft stops supporting XP, there will no longer be patches released to keep hackers out. The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report published data saying that the security mitigation methods that were built into XP will no longer be able to stop modern day attacks since they are so much more advanced than they were 13 years ago. Windows has already seen more security problems that are just in XP (not Windows 7 or 8) in the last couple years, but up to this point Microsoft has been sending out fixes to those problems.  After April 8th, Microsoft will no longer fix security holes in XP, so they will increase dramatically. The infection rate of XP is also significantly higher based on Microsoft’s malware infection rates data.

What does this mean for the UW community? XP computers have a greater chance of being infected or hacked which could let a virus or hacker get to other computers in the UW network.  For this reason, starting in April, Information Technology may take steps to secure and restrict network activity for Windows XP computers.

XP 3Letting go of XP is like losing a close friend that you have spent countless hours with on AOL or MSN chat but it is time. IT is here to help you through this difficult time whether that is being a shoulder to cry on or helping you upgrade to Windows 7, we are here for you! Please contact the IT Help Desk at 766-HELP (4357), option 1, or, to schedule a time to upgrade.  Rest in peace XP.

Jackie Alexander

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