Want some tunes? Our guide to some digital music!



Sometimes there is just a need for some tunes to get you through the day.  If you think about it, almost everywhere you go there is music.  Dr’s waiting rooms, stores, elevators, so why not get something to get you through your day.

It used to be you had to have a radio, a separate device to plug in and tune into a local radio station, or put in a CD, or for some folks a cassette tape.  For our students information on what cassette tapes are can be found here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compact_Cassette


But, with the internet there are several options we would like to talk about.  There are music services that are free or come with some cost and it all depends on your personal taste as to what you get.   Hopefully, with summer soon arriving, again hopefully, our first recommendation is brought to you by country music start Kenny Chesney.  Kenny’s No Shoes Radio is a free streaming music service that can be listened to at http://www.noshoesradio.com/


Kenny plays a mix of everything, you get his country standards, reggae, singer/songwriter, hip/hop, alternative, 80’s, 90’s, literally everything.  He puts it all together with an Island type of flair, so if you are itching for summer, carribbean tunes, this station is the place.  It is awesome and it is free!

If you haven’t tried Pandora, you should.  Pandora is a great service that you can get free (if you don’t mind the occasional ad) or pay monthly or yearly for an upgraded service (no ads, better sound quality).  Pandora creates stations based on your input.  If you want to hear the Dave Matthews Band, create a station based on the artist and you get a mix of music similar to Dave Matthews as well as the band itself.  You can create playlists based on songs, artists, genre, pretty much anything.  Pandora stores all your stations and then you can shuffle through all the stations to hit everything as one station.  You can also share what you are listening to via social media and post in real time to your facebook and twitter accounts.

Very much like Pandora, there is Spotify, which works pretty much the same way.  With Spotify you can share and add friends to your playlists.  The more people you know on spotify the more fun you can have with the servive.  I recommend starting out with the free services and if you decide you like one better than the other it may be worth the investment to get the additional sound quality.  The free spotify sound quality is better than Pandora, though I think the paid Pandora is fantastic.  Again, it is all personal choice.  http://www.spotify.com


Grooveshark falls into the same category as Pandora and Sportify.  A free streaming service where you can create your own playlists, upload your own music and share all of it with friends or anyone in the world.  This creates a method to hear music you may not have originally thought you would like, or hear music that other people listen to.  I would recommend grooveshark if you are wanting to check out some different music than you normally listen to.  Have some fun with it and see where it takes you.  http://www.grooveshark.com.


If you have iTunes downloaded to your machine, they actually have a really good radio feature, that pulls many radio station streams from around the country and world.  Regionally you can listen to 1043 TheFan out of Denver for sports talk, but you can also listen to several stations based on genre.  These stations are mostly actual radio stations that stream their content for free.  iTunes just consolidates them to one place.  It’s free though and you can get some good listening from it.  If you like the randomness of radio, it is a good place to go and listen through your computer.  You can download iTunes at: http://www.apple.com/itunes/


Anyway, just a quick list of some options for free music streaming to get you through the day.  Take a look at some of these links and let us know which you prefer or if there are others you would like our readers to check out.  We will post some comments of sites that you all like at well!

Brett Williams, Help Desk Manager From Laramie, WY

Brett Williams, Help Desk Manager From Laramie, WY


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