UWIT in partnership with UW Games Club to host a cyber block-party blowout


This spring’s Local Area Network ( or LAN ) party is co-sponsored by UWIT and The UW Gaming Club. The event is 15 hours of all-night, all-in gaming. All sorts of games will be played. 1st Person Shooters, RTS, PVP, TVT await participants in this gamers paradise. The lab will be transformed from a standard university computer lab, to a gamers utopia. Network cables will spew from every internet orifice, LED screens will chart progress and oh boy, pizza galore will be on hand for all gamers!

In addition to building community among the gaming population, this event provides a much needed break from stressful finals week prep and spring-blizzard related cabin-fever.

Games, pizza, people… what’s missing??? PRIZES! Swag galore ( see below ).

Already the Facebook page has received 200 RSVP’s which illuminates the allure of Spring ’13 LAN night. In the words of one LAN competitor and ResNet employee, “if you build it, nerds will come.”

LAN Party 2

Sarah Burrows

UW M.A. Communication Graduate Student


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