UW Alert — What is UW’s Emergency Response System?

UW alert

This week there will be a test message texted to all UW alert users on campus.  Usually when we see these sent out we are flooded with calls to the Help Desk on what is it?  Why am I getting?  Why didn’t I get? Heck, get me off it.

We thought it was worth a few minutes to write up some answers to those questions and hopefully explain the necessity for the service.  Like anything, first off, you do not HAVE to subscribe to the service, however, if a situation arose subscribing could be very beneficial, even life saving.

First off, the University of Wyoming only plans to send notifications via the UW Alert System for events that impact the majority of the campus, such as school closure or emergencies.  At least once a semester the University will send a test notification to verify the functionality of the system.  So, this week is that test message.  But there is other important information here.  In Laramie, where the weather can quite often be horrible, if classes were cancelled one day due to a storm (as, I know!) wouldn’t you rather get a text telling you so, as opposed to bundling up and getting to the classroom building only to find it empty?  Of course, if there was an emergency situation, obviously you would want to know what is happening and if there were any instruction on what to do, right?

There are some things that you need to know.  If you sign up for the service you do have to pay for the text you receive.  Just like if you sign up for ESPN alerts, when you receive text messages it is help by your phone provider contract as far as any cost.

You can also put multiple phone numbers on the alert system.  By going to www.getrave.com/login/uwyo and logging in you can add up to 3 additional phone numbers to the system.

The system is there to give the University of Wyoming a means to quickly generate information to its campus community at any time.  It is rarely used, other than the tests once a semester or in case of an emergency.  That said the service will keep you informed in the event of an emergency situation or an unexpected closure of the University.

When a test message gets sent, we receive a fair amount of negative feedback, which is fine, you can always opt out of the system, but the benefit will be seen if and when there is a situation at UW that requires this information be sent out.

If you want more information on the UW Alert System please check out this FAQ page provided by UWIT!


Brett Williams, Help Desk Manager From Laramie, WY

Brett Williams, Help Desk Manager From Laramie, WY


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