Students! Your Email is moving to the Cloud! What you NEED to know!

Office 365

UWIT has been notifying students that their email at UW is about to change.  For a long time now, all students, staff and faculty have been on Microsoft Exchange.  Their email stored on server’s here in the Information Technology Center.  With this move to Office 365, students email will now move to the Cloud and their mail will be stored on Microsoft’s servers somewhere off campus.

For Quick Info use this:


What Does This Mean for Students:

This should be good news in the long run for our students.  First off, on the UW exchange servers, students were limited to 500MB of email storage.  When they are moved to the Cloud they will increase their storage to 25GB.  Holy Cow!

With the migration there does come a few changes that students need to be aware of.  For instance, in WyoWeb, when you click the email button it will not automatically log you in anymore.  You will need to enter, your username and password to access the Outlook Web Access mail client from WyoWeb.  And, for those of you who don’t know, you can always access your email at if you do not want to login to WyoWeb.

Another change of importance is you will need to login with your email address instead of just your username.  So if you go to  and click the login button, you will need to type your email address as the username ( and your normal password.

Don’t forget to include in your UserID

Log into your 365 email using your full UW email address, for example:

Probably the biggest impact to students is the configuration of their mobile devices, like their iPhones, iPods, iPads, Android devices, etc.  There will need to be some configuration changes to the mail apps on those devices to get to the new Cloud email.  Luckily UWIT has some online documentation to help you:

For iOS:

For Android:

When Does This Happen?

The migration of accounts will begin on Friday, December 14th.  It will take some time to migrate all the accounts, so you will not necessarily automatically be on the cloud come December 14th.  UWIT will attempt to email users a couple of days before they are migrated to give them a 48 hour window of time as to when their mailbox will be migrated.  The easiest way to tell if your mailbox has been migrated is to log into your mailbox using Outlook Web Access at Choose the UW Exchange email button.  If your mailbox has been migrated to Office 365 then you will receive a notification that will redirect you to the Office 365 login page.


Is Your Email “BROKEN” after migration:

If your email is “broken” after migration, UWIT has created an Office 365 at UW self help site that has all the configuration information you need.  Please reference this web page if you are having problems after migration.

If you have concerns about the security of your email on the cloud, please reference this page from Microsoft that explains how they go about things.

Still having problems?  

Information Technology will be staffing the IT Help Desk over the Christmas break to provide support. The IT Help Desk can be reached at 307-766-HELP (4357) Option 1 or by emailing The Help Desk staffing hours can be found at:

Brett Williams, Help Desk Manager From Laramie, WY

Brett Williams, Help Desk Manager From Laramie, WY


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