Meet the Help Desk and IT: Segment 3 Beth Jackson-Little!

Beth Jackson-Little has been with the University for 3 years and keeps things running around the IT department. Her official title is office assistant, but she wears many hats. From time sheet collection, to computer repair, she bounces around and makes sure things are running smoothly.

Beth’s true passion is education. She is in her first year of a combined MA/MS degree in education. While working for the university, she puts her skills to work through educating others about computer malfunctions and the process of computer repair.

Beth often lends a hand at the IT service center. She helps students fix their own computers and in the processes gains practical teaching knowledge and interaction.

Not all computers can be fixed through guided service. Some have to be in intensely worked on by the service center staff and that process takes a while. Beth’s message to students: “please be patient with us! It takes a while to undo weeks, even months’ worth of damage.”

If your computer is running slower than normal, you might want to think about taking it to Beth and the rest of the Service Center staff.


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