What’s New in Adobe XI?

Adobe Acrobat 11

        With the release of Adobe Acrobat XI (Acrobat 11) it is important to know the changes from the previous version, Adobe Acrobat X (Acrobat 10).  Just as you would hope, people that have had the opportunity to test Acrobat XI are liking most of the changes.  One person stated that, “Being able to do complex things on the fly, like signing a document electron­ically or commenting on a document on an iPad, is very attractive.”  Adobe Acrobat XI “[will make] it even easier and faster to create PDF forms and to auto­matically distribute and collect information with new online forms services,” plus “[Adobe Acrobat XI]offers advanced document protection capabilities that are easier than ever for our staff to uniformly secure our documents.”

This sounds fantastic for Adobe Acrobat fans– and even hits on what Adobe wanted to get out of the new version.  Adobe had four goals that they wanted to meet for this project:

Goal 1: Increase end-user productivity

Goal 2: Streamline collaboration

Goal 3: Lock down information security

Goal 4: Support working with documents on mobile devices

So far it sounds like the new Adobe Acrobat excels in all those areas.  With these goals in mind, here is a quick list of what the new Adobe Acrobat XI offers::

  • User Productivity
    • Naturally edit text and images in PDFs
    • Easily convert PDF to Office formats to increase content reuse
    • Enable users to consistently follow document policies via Actions
  • Collaboration
    • Accelerate the process of gathering feedback and approvals
    • Streamline form creation, distribution, data collection and analysis
  • Information Security
    • Protect systems and lower IT costs with advanced application security
    • Make it easier for users to secure PDFs in Acrobat and Microsoft Office
  • Working Across Devices
    • Deploy touch-friendly Acrobat on tablets with Windows 8, or through Citrix XenApp
    • Enable users to reliably view and interact with PDF via Adobe Reader

Essentially, Adobe Acrobat XI will run a lot smoother, make your life easier, help you work smarter, and save time (because time is money, right?).

Want to read more for yourself? Look here for a feature-by-feature comparison, and look here for a more in-depth article about the changes.


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