Thanksgiving Dinner! There’s an App for that!

Thanksgiving has always been about the bird, so to speak.  Many of us have memories of sitting around a table eating this wonderful meal with our families, close and extended, enjoying conversation, giving thanks, and then potentially watching football.  However, how many of us have had the experience of actually cooking the giant meal?  With this in mind, and personally, with myself being in charge of the Thanksgiving meal this year, what can I do to make this easier on myself?  My parents who are coming over for Thanksgiving this year have been laughing hysterically over the thought of me cooking this meal, but I think I am going to be okay, and here is why.

In researching Thanksgiving cooking, I realized there is a lot involved, but like all good smartphone users, I knew there had to be some help from my little AppStore icon.  After searching through a few, I went an app called “Chow:  Thanksgiving Dinner Coach.”

The app really does some wonderful things.  Right off the bat you get the option to choose your recipes.  So for those of us starting from scratch on this, it’s huge.  I could spend hours on the internet looking at different recipes from the Turkey itself to sides, to desserts.  This puts some recipes right out there for you.  Now you have to have some trust in the app itself that its recipes are good, so I think a nice mix of items you’ve made in the past and maybe some new ones from the app is the way to go, but for this, I definitely went with the Turkey Recipe. So, once you choose your recipe you can click the go shopping button and it will pull all the ingredients you need for the recipe into a shopping list.  Easy as pie, mind the pun!

Once you choose a recipe it takes you to a summary of the recipe where you can look at what you need and the steps required to cook it.  Again you will have the option to add the recipe to a shopping list at the “what you need” section, but then at the summary you can go step by step through the recipe.

Not only does it give you recipes, shopping lists, and step by step instructions, but there is a “cooking” section that actually schedules your meal out for you.  What to do in what order, on what day.  All prepped and prepared so that any of the thinking or stress you would have had is all handled by the app.  This is great for me, since I hope to spend more time watching football, then

worrying about my meal.


Brett Williams — Help Desk Manager


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