Meet the Help Desk. Segment 1: Lou Sims

A new feature to our blog, “Meet the Help Desk.”  We are going to try and put a name to face to our staff here at UWIT.  Take a look at our first worker!

If you’re a secret luddite coping with the 21st century and call the IT help number as much as me, chances are you’ll eventually talk to Lou Sims. Lou has a passion for problem solving and customer service. Lou’s official title is Client Support Specialist Senior and he has been with the University of Wyoming for 13 years. Lou takes calls and helps people with their computer and IT questions. When asked what his favorite part of the job is, Lou says “helping people.”

Besides helping people, one of the most important things Lou deals with is Phishing Scams. Often mass emails will go out to email addresses fraudulently. These emails will look official and from the university. They prompt the recipient to respond with both Username and Password to their email accounts. Sometimes, these official-looking emails will take the user to, yet again, a very official looking website and ask them to sign in and, in the process, steal the username and password. I asked what Phishing scams do with the data and Lou responded, “They will hack your email account and send out spam to all your contacts.”

Though a hacked account is frustrating, Phishers also search the content of emails to find personal and financial information. “If a hacker comes across your bank account information or credit information they will probably try to hack that also” says Lou. Phishers are oftentimes involved in identity theft and more sinister crime rings. So what can we do?

Lou says, “the university will never, ever, ask for your username and password … especially online so never ever give out your username and password online” or in person. Don’t share sensitive information. Sensitive information is secret for a reason. Keeping it secret is keeping it safe.

Sarah Burrows


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