UW’s New Online Employment Application System for Students


UW’s New Online Employment Application System for Students

Have you tried looking for student employment lately?  The University of Wyoming Human Resource department has changed the application process. The new application process is a bit more time consuming but once an applicant works through it, the next job applied for will be much easier since it stores your information.

To understand how the process works, I first inquired about a job and went straight to the employment link on the Human Resources home page. I clicked on the student job listings link and clicked on the box of a potential job I was interested in. The next page I found the job description and at the bottom is the option to “apply now.” The following screen asks you to log-in. I assumed that my UW log-in and password would work but the site didn’t recognize it. It had to be created. However, there is no information available on the page for an applicant to know this.

Finally, I am to the point that I can actually submit my resume. There is a convenient option to upload your resume or copy and paste the document. Be careful here. Some of the positions require a cover letter with your resume but you are only able to submit one document. Make sure you save your cover letter as part of your resume document.

After submitting your resume, the next step in the system is to create a profile. Save your profile when completed and you will be receive a message that UW will review your application and advise you of the outcome. The site then directs you further down the page to “start the process.”  If you are like me, you’re probably wondering what this means. I just submitted my resume for the job I was interested in, what else is there?

Before the system will allow you to go any further, you have to answer three questions with regards to your age, citizenship and criminal background. You are then required to agree to the terms of the site. The following screen will provide you with a message letting you know if you are eligible to continue applying for the job. By accepting the terms, your resume will finally be submitted. Within a short amount of time, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your resume.

Helpful hints before you apply

There are some important things to know before beginning the application process to help avoid confusion as you transition through the application process.

  • Review the How to Apply for Employment Online link on the left hand side of the UW Human Resources home page.
  • You only have 45 minutes to apply for a position. You can save and return later.
  • Have information available about employment history and dates, addresses and phone numbers from previous employers as well as references when you begin the application process. It is unclear however, if this pertains to students.
  • When navigating through the site, don’t use the back arrows, use the links provided instead.
  • The application system requires that you use Firefox or Internet Explorer as your browser. Safari is not recommended.

After initially jumping in and applying for a job that resulted in bumping around in the process, I went back and read the link on “How to Apply for Employment Online.”  The guide states that after submitting your resume you are required to fill out a pre-qualification questionnaire. The questionnaire asks for the same information as your resume. However, I wasn’t asked to complete this information when I submitted my resume. Perhaps this section doesn’t apply to students. Unfortunately, it is not very clear.

My experience in applying for a job online didn’t completely follow the “How to Apply for Employment Online” guide. I am still a bit confused with the process but I am glad to see that the information I provided is stored and will be applied for the next job I apply for. By initially allowing the time to apply, you will feel the benefit for any future jobs you may be interested in.


Lorrie McNamee

Senior at UW

Communication major

Laramie, Wyo.


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