Instagram Makes Photo Sharing Easier

Instagram images are becoming more common on the web. You may have even encountered one and not known it. I’ve have never used Instagram but have been noticing more Instagram images on Facebook. I assumed that Instagram derived from the Polaroid era where you had square shaped, self-developing photos. But actually, I discovered that it is a photo sharing program that allows users to apply digital filters to their photographs and then share them on Instagram and other social networking sites.


Facebook acquired Instagram in April to allow for their users to have the best experience for sharing mobile photos without the hassle of Facebook’s original photo sharing program. Facebook doesn’t limit Instagrams photos to just their site. Users are allowed to post their photos to other social networking sites and also have the option to not share Instagram photos on Facebook if desired.


So what makes Instagram so different?

Instagrams website states that it is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Instagram was designed to improve the quality of cell phone camera pictures by providing options like selecting filters to enhance your images.


You can interact with friends by following them and they can follow you like other social networking sites. However, Instagram is unique because your images connect you with people instead of posts with words.


If you are into blogging, Instagram provides a platform to humanize yourself to your readers. Pictures can help reinforce your blog as a visual storytelling tool using images. As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words.


You are probably wondering if it’s easy to use

Since Instagram was designed exclusively as a mobile app, you must download the iPhone or Android app to your mobile device to acquire an Instagram account. The accounts are public with the option to make them private in which only users you approve may follow you. All of your browsing will be done on your mobile device since Instagram doesn’t have a web-hosted feed.


You may choose to link your Instagram account to other social networking sites that Instagram supports. The app can be more efficiently utilized to reach all of your audiences.


Taking a photo using the app is a snap. Take your picture by selecting the camera icon in the Instagram navigation panel. There are 17 filters to select from and then you just have to decide which social network you prefer to share it on. Your photo will become visible to the world and the web in the Instagram perfect square format.


If your Instagram profile is public, you can tag your photos to make them more visible using hash tags. It is easy to do this after you select your filter. Instagram is like the Twitter of pictures.


Instagrams best feature is that it is mobile. You don’t have to wait until you can get to your computer to download your pictures. Your photos can be managed through your mobile device wherever you are.


To upload a photo, it is fast and efficient opposed to uploads that can take forever with many awkward steps.


All photos processed with Instagram are saved to your camera roll making it easy to sync to your computer to print as many photos as you like.


Networking sites that work with Instagram

Currently photos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Four Square and Posterous with more services to come.


Instagrams mobile app has over 50 million users. Sharing photos is much easier with Instagram because it allows you to take a picture once and then share it on multiple platforms without the pain of posting your picture on each platform separately. By applying filters, you can transform a basic cell phone photo into an enhanced photo that can be shared on the web publically or shared privately. Instagrams square size distinguishes your pictures from standard uploaded photos and is so effective that Facebook bought Instagram to give users and a better photo experience. I’m ready to try it…how about you?


Lorrie McNamee

Senior at UW

Communication major

Laramie, Wyo.














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