Procrastinated Long Enough and now the Lab is Closed?

Have you been in a time crunch to get an assignment done and the library and computer labs are closed?  During the summer, computer availability is much more limited. However, there is a solution through the UWStudent Remote Lab System.  All you need is your UWYO user name, password and an Internet connection.

The UWStudent Remote Lab System is designed to be accessed from a remote connection. The remote lab computers are set up the same way the computers are found on campus. You can also access the personal student H: drive storage.  Specialized software needed for your courses is also available.

 A complete list of software available through UW Student Remote Lab Systems can be found at

To connect to the UWStudent Remote Lab system, you need a high speed Internet connection and a computer with a Java enabled Internet browser. Dial-up connections have speed limitations and are not recommended or supported. Information Technology recommends and provides support for Internet Explorer. The remote lab can run Safari and Firefox but problems can only be supported as a best effort.

You can also save your files on the Remote Lab system to the My Documents folder. The file will be redirected to the Personal folder on the student H:  drive.

To print on the Remote Lab System, a printer needs to be installed on your own computer. A universal print driver is used to connect to your computer. If the driver is not a direct match to your printer, there may be differences of what is displayed and what prints.

With these easy to follow steps, accessing the UW Student Remote Lab system is a breeze and you never have to worry about library or computer lab hours again. You can now work from home on your own schedule to satisfy your computer needs.

 Lorrie McNamee
CSS Front Desk


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