I’m Bored! What to do with my SmartPhone.

Ever get tired of reading a week old Sports Illustrated at the Dentist, or Dr.’s Office, or contemplate jumping out of a window after a long day at the DMV waiting to get your license renewed?

Everyone I am sure has had to deal with some sort of wait time that they did not feel necessary to their day, but yet had to deal with in order to get what they needed.  If you have a smartphone these are the great times to actually be quite productive.

Sometimes while I am waiting I actually remote into my office computer from my iPhone.  Depending on my connection, I can literally work my desktop right from my phone and have pretty full capability.  Now I do have to deal with the screen size and touch screen for the mouse, but if I want run an application, or catch up on some Help Desk tickets, I easily can.

To do so there are a couple of things that need done.  First, at the University of Wyoming you will need the Junos Pulse App.  This is a free download from the Apple app store and the Android Market.  This app allows you to get through the UW firewall and access your machine.  Basically you open the app, tell it to authenticate through the UW VPN and enter your username and password.

Once connected through the app, you can then remote into your machine.   Now there are free Remote Desktop apps available but the functionality isn’t that good.  We recommend putting some money towards this app if you are going to use your phone or tablet to remote in and get an app called Jump.  Jump comes in at $19.99 at the app store, but is well worth it.  Your phone will look just like your desktop and your touch screen mouse is easy to maneuver.  All this, once set up, literally takes seconds to be in front of your desktop from wherever you are.

For those of you readers a very easy and quick means to magazines is on the iPhone.  Built into iOs5 is the News Stand app.  You can quickly hop out to the app store and purchase or download free magazines to your newstand and read the mag, cover to cover, from your mobile device.  If not an iPhone or iPad lover, there is Google Currents.  An app that works on iPhone and Android that allows you to choose free publications from ABCNews, the Bleacher Report, etc, all very current and up to date information.  A great time waster for your pocket!

Of course you can always watch video content on YouTube, or from the network television stations from their apps.  You can go to the Market or App Store and just search on ABC, NBC, CBS and all their apps are there.  You can watch last nights Modern Family while waiting.  One recommendation however, any content that needs sound, make sure you bring your headphones.  No one likes listening to other peoples stuff, so keep it quiet, but don’t feel bad for doing it.  A great way to stay on top of your favorite shows!

Of course always download your Facebook and Twitter apps.  Probably the easiest way to stay in touch with people you know, and in the Twitter case, people you want to know.  Always have your Social media there, just in case you catch something really funny that you can post to your friends.

Alas, if all else fails, there is always Angry Birds.   A very addictive but pleasing game where you catapult birds through stone and wood at pigs.  Brilliant premise, right?  Download the game for free, get addicted and never remote into your machine at work again.  If you go straight to the Angry Birds that’s kind of how it goes.


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