Who Wants to do Some Grading?

Test Scoring Goes to the Next Level at the University of Wyoming!

The Sekonic SR-3500 scanner, the most advanced OMR scanner available today. Powerful, automated data capture processing speed at up to 3500 sheets per hour will saves our users hours of data entry time. Data entry goes from days to minutes and accuracy is increased. A Sekonic optical mark reader is fast, reliable and cost effective … and this model’s outstanding features, sleek styling, snap open feed path, and advanced technical features set it apart.

Basic specs for the systems we use:


Standard Features

  • Automatic feed hopper holds up to 500 sheets
  • Main output stacker holds 500 sheets; optional select stacker holds 150 sheets
  • Processing speed up to 3,500 documents per hour
  • Continuous cleaning, self-calibrating read head reduces maintenance
  • Snap open feed path design allows easy access
  • Built in self-test insures the scanner is operating normally
  • 16 level darkest mark discrimination insures mark validity and data integrity
  • Automatic skew detection and elimination
  • Control panel with 40 character LCD display
  • Multiple sheet detection and prevention
  • Emulates other common scanners so that your existing software will work unchanged
  • Advanced software enables accurate reading of marks, including X’s and checkmarks as well as marked bubbles.

We are currently using the Remark Classic OMR version 4 software with the Sekonic OMR scanners at two work stations.  The work stations are running on Dell Optiplex 755’s with Windows 7 Ent. 32 bit on one, and Windows 7 Ent. 64 bit on the other.

The software is very intuitive and easy to use for developing scan templates, and scanning with one answer key.  Users that have multiple keys for the same exam will face challenges in initiating the reporting  features as well as reduced number of available reports.


Most commonly used answer sheets: (Blue) Five Response Generic, Scantron 4521, and

(Green) Ten Response Scantron 6703.

Situated nicely in our Information Technology Center, we provide an excellent productive environment for scoring exams with the Sekonic SR-3500’s.

Matthew Grosinger
Computer Support Specialist, Senior
From Laramie, WY


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