Have a new computer? Tips for new software!

For those new and returning students, one of the changes we always see is the

HP Mini 1103

new assortment of personal computers on campus. Whether it’s running Windows or OS X, we here at the UW IT Help Desk have some tips on free software you can download.

If your computer runs Windows:

The University of Wyoming offers students a free copy of the Microsoft Office suite. All you have to do is head on over to uwyo.edu/wyoware and from there, simply follow the prompts to download the software. If you’d like a DVD copy of the software, you can order one for a small fee from the website as well.

You may be also looking for new virus protection, now while the University does not offer any software for students use, there are several options available out there to you. One of those pieces of software is from Microsoft. It’s called Microsoft Security Essentials and it’s a lightweight, simple virus protection program that integrates cleanly into Windows 7. The software is very good at catching viruses before they become an issue and again, totally free.

If your computer runs OS X:

If you’ve got a Mac, you too are eligible for a free copy of Microsoft Office from the University. Simply visit uwyo.edu/wyoware and you can download the newest version free of charge!

Because you have a Mac, you also have available to you the App Store. If you’ve ever shopped for apps on an iOS device like an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, you’ll be familiar with the icon, which sits in your dock. With the App Store, you have a one-stop place for downloading new applications and games for your shiny new Mac. Some apps include Twitter, a Kindle eBook reader, and of course, Angry Birds.

Whether you’ve got a new or old computer, these tips should help you get a few new important applications and in the process, maybe discover a few fun ones. If you have any you’d like to let us know about, tell us at our Facebook or Twitter pages!

Pedro Rampolla Freshman at UW - Political Science from Cheyenne, WY


One response to “Have a new computer? Tips for new software!

  1. I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy tablet. I decided to get the tablet because it is a combination of a lap top and an IPad. Much MUCH to my dismay, I attempted to utilize this tablet to access the discussion boards on both of my UW Outreach Online classes. I could get to the discussions but was unable to manipulate the discussion once I got there. I did contact the UW IT department to see if I could figure out the problem. Ultimately I was told that UW could not support these tablets. Interesting I say because my hubby works for a city government. Their city network is able to support the new technology. So – yes here it comes! Why can’t an institution as terrific as UW support these tablets? I am not the only one who has had this problem. These tablets are the up and coming computer technology. So when could I expect UW to be able to support my tablet? I sure would like to use it! Thanks so much.

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