Quick Tip Friday – How Safe is your Data?

We have had a lot of calls coming in computers crashing and losing valuable information, and so it seems best to go over ways to back up crucial information, so that files are secure if something happens to your computer.

When working on campus, the best way to secure your files is to make sure to save them to either your Home Drive Server Storage(Students) or your warehouse server storage(Faculty).  If you are on a computer on campus that doesn’t have it mapped, you can map it by going to Start, Computer and selecting Map Network Drive at the top of the page and typing in the following into the black for Folder:  \\windows.uwyo.edu\student\storage\username (substituting your username for username of course) and for Faculty \\warehouse\username$

You can get access to your network storage from off campus by first going to wyosecure.uwyo.edu, log on with your UW Wyoweb credentials and then click Start next to Network Connect.  After it install the network connect, you will be able to map the network drive on your home computer same as listed above.

Other ways to back up your data can be by purchasing either an external hard drive or a usb flash drive (thumb drive.)  They both work in relatively the same fashion.  The thumb drive is generally a little less likely to have issues, but costs far more dollars per storage space.  All you have to do with these is plug them in to a usb port and most computers will automatically set them up so when you go into Start then Computer, it will list the external hard drive or usb flash drive and you can just open it up and copy your data to the device.  There are some programs that will automatically back up specified data to your devices, some free versions and some that you have to purchase.

Finally, there is Dropbox, a program that allows up to 2gb of free data storage that will synch with all the places you install the program.  It allows you to access your files from anywhere that you have an internet connection, you are able to share files and folders with colleagues and friends, you can view your files from your file, and Dropbox keeps a one month history of all your files which can allow you to undo changes and files undeleted.  For more information see the following link: http://www.dropbox.com/.

Overall, no matter what you are looking to backup, the more places the data is saved, the safer it is from data loss.

Tyrel Ebele, Senior at UW - Computer Science, From Montpelier, ND


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