WyoWeb 101

Welcome incoming freshman and returning students. We at UWIT hope that you had a wonderfully relaxing summer.

For our Wyoweb and Outlook Web App email users, you may notice we have made some changes to our email systems over the summer. No worries though, your University Email still works the same as it always has, and is accessible through Wyoweb, the Outlook Web App, and is compatible with Outlook 2007 and 2010, Mac Mail, and a multitude of other devices (see ASKIT for information and setup instructions). As always, use your Wyoweb username and password to login.

And speaking of Wyoweb, pay attention freshman because this is for you; Wyoweb is your all access pass to the University of Wyoming. This is where you can check your email, accept Financial Aid, and register for your classes. But Wyoweb is all this and so much more.

As a new user, Wyoweb can seem overwhelming, but it’s actually a pretty easy to use interface. If you don’t have a Wyoweb Account yet, get one. Signing up is really easy.

Step 1: Go to Wyoweb

Step 2: Click “Get your Username and Password”



Step 3: Enter your Last Name, Birth Date, and either your W-Number or the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number and click “Submit”.




Step 4: Congratulations you have now received your Wyoweb and E-companion Information:








Notice that your Initial Wyoweb Password and your E-companion password are the same, this Initial password is known as your Pin Number, and your W-number is your User ID. Make sure to write this information down and keep it in a safe place, you’ll need your User Id and Pin number if your take any online courses using E-companion or if you are connecting to Wyoweb on a Satellite Internet Connection.

In the event of Password issues, you can always call the helpful and friendly staff of the UWIT Help Desk at 307-766-HELP(4357) option 1 during our regular business hours, Monday – Friday, 7:30AM – 5:30PM.

Using Wyoweb is just as easy as signing up. As students most of the utilities you will need can be found on the Home Tab, the Student Resources Tab, the Student Financials Tab, and My Courses.

The Home Tab is like the University Bulletin Board. UW News, highlights, events and University Classifieds can be accessed from the Home Tab. UW Classifieds would probably be your most useful tool, it’s where you can find information about Apartments for rent, cars, computers other hardware for sale, and all from your fellow students or faculty members. It’s also a good place to post if you lost something (just like Elementary School, check out the Lost and Found).

Student Resources and Student Financials are probably the most important areas of Wyoweb. Student Resources is where you can sign up for classes, check on your registration, look up grades and even view a list of Books for your upcoming classes. This is also the place where you can find out more about Student Health insurance, Advising and Career Services and Tutoring and Support Services. But let’s go back and look at adding classes.

To enroll in a class, select “Add or Drop Classes” in the Registration Tools pane of Student Resources, this opens the Add/Drop Work Sheet. Classes are

added by CRN (Class registration number) which can be found in the Semester Bulletins posted by the Registrar’s Office (online and Hard copies are available) or by doing a class search. Remember to meet with your advisor first before signing up for classes, they are there to help guide you to the right path and can help make sure you get in the right classes at the right times.

So you’ve added your classes, now what do you do, Order books for your recently enrolled classes? Yup.  So remember the Add/Drop class’s work sheet, well now that you have enrolled in classes, if we return to that page you’ll notice it’s a little different now. Obviously there are now classes listed on the page, but more importantly below that list there is a link to the University Bookstore that contains information regarding the required textbooks for those classes.

Even if you don’t order your books from the book store, this can be your Grocery List for ordering them from Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Borders, you get the idea.

Student Financials is pretty self explanatory. If you’re a student receiving financial aid from the school, this is the place for you. Every school year, or every semester, Student Financials keeps records of the financial assistance available to you, when you need to pay, and if there are any issue on your account that need to be addressed. For more information, contact your local UW Financial Aid representative in Knight Hall.

And finally, the “My Courses” tab. Remember those classes we signed up for? My Courses is where any available information about the classes will be located. Many professors use Wyoweb to keep track of your grades, post notes and homework, and if you class in online, My Courses contains the information you’ll need to access that class through E-companion, Online UW, or Wyosakai. And this is just the tip of the Wyoweb Iceberg, your virtual gateway, all access pass to the University of Wyoming.

For more information, check out the ASKIT page for FAQ’s about Wyoweb. Happy surfing and have a great Fall Semester.

David Little, Senior at UW - Architectural Engineering From Omaha, NE


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